Monday, 18 June 2012

Study on Blogging Pattern Of Selected Bloggers (Indians)

Hello  Sir/ Madam, 
           I am PriyaRajan doing M. Phil Communication in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University , Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. As my part of study I am doing my research on blog and bloggers. My Thesis titled as "Study on Blogging Pattern Of Selected Bloggers (Indians)".

Brief introduction of my research is below,
 As blogs have become a fixture in today’s media environment, growing in number and influence in political communication and (mass) media discourse, research on the subject has proliferated, often emphasizing the high-profile conflicts and controversies at the intersection of blogging and journalism. Less examined, however, is the psychology of everyday citizen bloggers in this context. In studying a randomized sample of Indian bloggers, I  attempt to puzzle out these questions: to what extent do bloggers
(1) perceive their work as a form of journalism, and how might such a perception influence
(2) their motivations for posting and
(3) the topics around which they blog? Most critically,
(4) this article constructs a model by which all these antecedents predict whether bloggers behave like professional journalists.
To examine  that bloggers who see their work as a form of journalism are more inclined to inform and influence readers, write about public affairs, and behave as a more traditional journalist or sharing their life experience with other.

I am doing research on bloggers who use effectively blog for disseminate information.

I glad if u wish to participate in my research. 
If you are interested please contact me through mail.

Thank in Advance. 


  1. Thank you.Your thesis carries meaning for me.I want to dissaminate information and also update my self on different aspects of life.

    sanjoy kumar satpathy

  2. Interesting. Couldnt access ur mail. U could mail me at

  3. Hi Priya ,

    First I Thank you for preferring me to your thesis

    and the second thing is I'm ready to accompany with you ,

    Third one is i can't beleive this honour...

    Yes , i think this a very big honour to me Priya:)

    I'll mail you now itself..

  4. Thanks Priya. I reached your blog before moderating and publishing your comment on my blog. As you might have seen, my blog has no journalistic content. They are just a few snippets, my literary diversions, some photographs, some jokes, stories from my book that I translate for those who have difficulty in reading it in its original Hindi version, my travel accounts, some poems from my old book of poems published some eight years ago, some book reviews, some jokes...but nothing journalistic about it. However, I feel encouraged that you visited my blog.

    Your blog topics are interesting too. More than interesting they are useful.
    A N Nanda

  5. Hi Priya ,

    When i was go through your blog

    i feel you are a wonderful Person :)

    Your collections are very much impressive!!

    I like your attitude Priya ,

    Ohh , i forgot to say , mail option is not working.

    Can't mail you , at your free time you contact me Priya:)

    Good night:) :)

    1. thank u mam, sorry for the inconvenience. my mail id is priyarajan.naga@g

  6. Hi Priya,
    Thanks a lot for the opportunity given to me..:-)

    But my blog is not at all related to journalism..Its just a platform for my hobbies.:-)Pls let me know if I can hlep in any way..:-)

    1. so kind of u mam. i need bloggers who do blogging , need not to be journalistic.

    2. Please send you mail id to my mail. Then only i can send the questioner to you. And the research is about, how the blog is used by the different peoples.

  7. Dear Priya

    I am happy that you have chosen my blog. Mine is a food website and I am sharing the passion I have for cooking, so that it will be useful for many. It is not in anyway related to journalism. Anyway in what way can I help you.I would like to know more details about it.Feel free to mail me at

  8. Hi Priya,

    Thanks for the email. Please check your inbox.

    Someone is Special

  9. really is a good blog ,i must say.Priya
    but one thing i want to tell u that
    if you are using any pictures or quotes on page, don't forget to mention its proper source!

  10. Nice and new kind of an idea for a project..My best wishes Priya!!

  11. Its a very great attempt and yours is an excellent blog.

    I am interested in journalism and writing. But, due to lack of proper education and exposure I was not able to get into that field. so, blogging gives me the platform to bring out the writing skills in me.

  12. an interesting topic of research Priya...have received your mail...will try to get back asap... :)
    good luck... :)

  13. Priyarajan ji.

    I read your msg. on my blog, was confused -what is this....!! But now I understood. This is something unique- tell me if I can be any help. And all the best... :)

  14. Priya, I got ur mail long back but forgot to reply back... Sorry... Pls let me know incase u r inneed of any help..


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  16. please keep me informed the progresss of your work.I will be happy to know latest about your forhcoming thesis.such as synopsis and all.