Monday, 18 June 2012

Study on Blogging Pattern Of Selected Bloggers (Indians)

Hello  Sir/ Madam, 
           I am PriyaRajan doing M. Phil Communication in Manonmaniam Sundaranar University , Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu. As my part of study I am doing my research on blog and bloggers. My Thesis titled as "Study on Blogging Pattern Of Selected Bloggers (Indians)".

Brief introduction of my research is below,
 As blogs have become a fixture in today’s media environment, growing in number and influence in political communication and (mass) media discourse, research on the subject has proliferated, often emphasizing the high-profile conflicts and controversies at the intersection of blogging and journalism. Less examined, however, is the psychology of everyday citizen bloggers in this context. In studying a randomized sample of Indian bloggers, I  attempt to puzzle out these questions: to what extent do bloggers
(1) perceive their work as a form of journalism, and how might such a perception influence
(2) their motivations for posting and
(3) the topics around which they blog? Most critically,
(4) this article constructs a model by which all these antecedents predict whether bloggers behave like professional journalists.
To examine  that bloggers who see their work as a form of journalism are more inclined to inform and influence readers, write about public affairs, and behave as a more traditional journalist or sharing their life experience with other.

I am doing research on bloggers who use effectively blog for disseminate information.

I glad if u wish to participate in my research. 
If you are interested please contact me through mail.

Thank in Advance. 

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Create your own Speaking Tool for your PC..

You can create a speaking tool of your own..

Step to be followed to create the SPEAK THIS TOOL:
  • Open the notepad
  • Copy and Paste the given below. 
Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox("Enter the text you want spoken","Speak This")
Set sapi=CreateObject("sapi.spvoice")
sapi.Speak message
loop until message = ""
  • Save the Filename  as  “SPEAK THIS.vbs” , Select the Save as type as All files and Press ok.
  • Close the Notepad 
  • Open the SPEAK THIS.vbs.
  • Enter the text in the INPUTBOX and Press Ok..
  • The Tool will speak the content typed by you 
  •  Enjoy ….

10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Notepad

Notepad is known to every Windows users. It is a simple text editor which has been part of Microsoft Windows operating system since Windows 1.0 in 1985 [Wikipedia]. It has remained same in ever evolving Windows operating system but its users have found new ways to use good old notepad in more productive and effective manner. Here goes:
1. Notepad as your Digital Diary You can use Notepad as digital diary and automatically insert date time information for every line you type in notepad. Open a new notepad file (Click Start > Run, type Notepad and hit OK) and type .LOG at the top of the notepad file.

Now type few lines and close the Notepad file. Open the notepad file and you will see date time information added to each line of text in your Notepad file. You can also add this information manually, just hit F5 key where you want to insert date-time information.
2. Notepad as HTML Stripper Ideally text on WebPages is formatted for specific font type, color, size along with other CSS design elements and images. You can rip off text only from any webpage using notepad. Just select and copy text from any webpage and paste in a notepad file which can be saved (without any formatting baggage) for future use.
3. Notepad as Printing cost saver Notepad can come handy when you are printing text laden pages in large quantity. Extending the concept of using Notepad as HTML stripper, you can strip webpages of additional formatting and image using notepad and print more with less usage of ink, paper and money (of course).
4. Notepad as HTML webpage creator Notepad can be used to create your first HTML webpage as stepping stone in the world WebPages (and websites). Just type basic HTML tags and save the file with .html extension. Test drive with code in following screenshot:

5. Notepad as Good and Evil script creator Notepad is a very simple text editor which can be used to create complex script. You can create evil scripts like format of hard drive to useful scripts like PC shutdown, which can be executed with a click of a button.
6. Notepad as Text Replacer You can use notepad to replace word(s) in essay of text. For example, you want to replace Microsoft’ with Yahoo’ in specific text file. Copy the text into notepad file and use Ctrl + H (or Edit > Replace), enter Microsoft in first text field and Yahoo is second text field and click the replace button.

7. Notepad as Window Explorer Skipper Sometimes specific files cannot be deleted. You can try notepad to skip and bypass Windows Explorer to delete such files. Open Notepad, GOTO File > Open. Select all files’ in file type dropdown menu. Now browse to folder and right click on file you want remove and click the delete option. Sometimes, this might come handy!
8. Notepad as Fun app Notepad isn’t that simple and has its share of flaws. Open Notepad and type this app can break and then save the file. Open the file and see for yourself notepad just broke something!
9 Notepad as creative designer tool Notepad can break things (i.e. text) sometimes but it can also create some impressive text based designs. Like open your notepad, type Q33N and then format font size 72px, font type Windings. See the screenshot below, 9/11 plan crash remember?
Besides, you can see more creative text designs made in notepad while downloading serial key crack files they usual have big graffiti made in notepad, seen those?
10 Notepad as ??? Now its your chance to put simple good old notepad to some creative use. You might discover few new and interesting uses of Notepad. Found one? Why not share with use by adding a comment.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Golden Days ==> indeed worth reading !!

Some things cannot be forgotten. Here is small recap!!!!!        
Things that we have used ………                     




















Unforgettable things…